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Home Security for New Parents

Posted on April 11th, 2016 by Alert Protective

New additions to the family are a blessing, but having a baby can be scary. Every new parent has their fears and concerns for their child’s health and safety. One way to put your mind at ease as a new parent is to consider home security to optimize your child’s safety. The thought of anyone breaking into your home is terrifying as it is. The thought of this happening while your child is at home and in danger is even worse. Luckily, there are several options for ways in which you can keep your home and your little one safe with protective services. Homes with security systems are fifteen times less likely to be broken into. Here are some of the options for home security for new parents.

Video Surveillance

Minimize the risk of your home being broken into by installing security cameras both outdoors and indoors. Outdoor cameras deter potential burglars and can be remotely viewed over the internet. Recordings help investigations if your home does get broken into. Options for video surveillance are widespread—whether you need blatantly obvious outdoor camera or a nanny cam to discreetly keep an eye on your child and his or her caretaker.

Nanny cams can be a fantastic tool to get some peace-of-mind regarding your bundle of joy. Your child’s nursery can be monitored at all times, and digital recording allows you to go back and watch footage of your child whether it be because something seems wrong or to see how the nanny behaved with the baby.

Alarm Monitoring

Home security alarms are one of the single best deterrents of breaking and entering available. Not only do indications of the presence of alarms stop most burglars approaching your home, but should they try to break in, once the alarm sounds most of them will flee. When the alarm sounds, locally-operated central monitoring facilities contact you as well as the authorities to make sure you and your child are safe as well as make sure that help is on the way.

Consider Protective Services

Don’t leave safety up to chance. If you are a new parent, you likely have a full plate. You don’t need safety to be a concern for your child. Consider home alarm monitoring or video surveillance to ensure that your child is a safe as they can be.

Alert Protective Services offers Alarm Monitoring for nearly any make or model of pre-existing home alarms as well as installation of new systems. They also offer video surveillance and equipment. Call Alert today to discuss home security for new parents.

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