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What to do During a Break-In

Posted on July 24th, 2017 by Alert Protective

Unfortunately, without the proper preventative measures, your home could be invaded. Although many burglars enter a home without violent ambitions, some may take violent measures to protect their identities and avoid the police. Having a plan in this scenario could save your life! If you believe an intruder has entered your home while you are […]


How to Protect Your Business from Internal Theft

Posted on July 18th, 2017 by Alert Protective

Internal theft is theft committed by someone inside your business. Your business owns important assets, and you never know the length people could go for some extra cash. Whether your employees work with high or low value assets, here are some tips to prevent theft of company property: Separate Employee Responsibilities Especially when money is […]


The Average Cost of A Home Intrusion

Posted on June 25th, 2017 by Alert Protective

The average intruder only takes 10 short minutes to enter and leave your home: leaving behind a wake of financial and emotional disarray in their path. The financial burden recorded per robbery averages around $2,000 per invasion, but the invasion costs much more than just the items stolen. Here is why: Entry Damage Locking your […]


Why An Alarm System is Important for Chicago Summers

Posted on June 14th, 2017 by Alert Protective

Summer is the time to relax, disconnect, and travel: so why should you be worrying about your home in Chicago when you are on a beach in Florida? Unfortunately, when you are in relax mode that means burglars are in work mode. According to the FBI, crime rates increase by 10% during the summer, the […]


Safety Checklist for New Homes

Posted on May 29th, 2017 by Alert Protective

Moving into a new home? Whether you’re renting or buying, safety should be on your mind! It’s not always at the top of our priority list when we’re moving. After all, there’s so much to think about! But you’ll thank yourself in the long run when you take these measures to ensure home security when […]


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