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Water Safety Can Become a Life & Death Matter in a Split-Second

Posted on June 29th, 2015 by Alert Protective

water safety

When it comes to both relaxation and recreation, we human beings place water right up there at the head of the preference list. We drink it, soak in it, float on it, swim through it, and skim across its surface in all sorts of ways wherever we find it. Water is our friend.

But, like many things in this life, even a friend can turn a good experience into an ugly one without warning if taken for granted. No matter whether you’re a floater, a swimmer, a sail or power boater, a skier or a scuba diver, that community pool, river, lake, sea or ocean needs to be treated with respect. Personal flotation devices, PFDs, can be a critical link between your family’s water-world fun, safety and perhaps even survival.

The fact is that nine out of ten drownings occur in inland waters, many within a few feet of safety. Most victims had PFDs available, but they died without them. Today, there is a wide range of comfortable and attractive life-vests for adults, young adults and children that are easy to move around in – and are made from modern materials that have done-away with the bulky “Mae West” life-jacket look of years ago.

Remember, it takes only seconds for a young child to find him or herself in serious danger. And, it takes only seconds for a full-grown, rational adult who used to be “quite the swimmer” to discover that 15 years, and 15 pounds, can make all the difference in the world. Water safety – and the use of properly sized and well-fitting PFDs – can help ensure that your family’s vacation is totally safe and totally fun.


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