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Commercial Security (Burglar) & Fire Alarms
Protect your property from fire and theft

While the threat of crime is always top of mind and always brings out the very worst of our fears – the statistics are clear: the biggest threat to your business is FIRE.

Small or large, a fire can put you out of business – temporarily, or permanently, even without complete destruction occurring. Shutting down your means of creating revenue for long enough will have the same outcome as an inferno.

At Alert Protective, we believe in securing your entire business from all eventualities – Freedom so that your biggest worry is your competition, not simple accidents.

Billions of dollars of property are stolen each year from burglary activity. Security is an ever-evolving, increasingly important aspect of running a business. Alarm systems are an effective deterrent of crime, but they also facilitate rapid response to burglar or fire activity.  Every business owner should have a professionally installed, professionally monitored burglar and fire alarm system.  Alert Protective is the leading provider of alarm system installation, service and monitoring in Chicagoland.  Our team of highly skilled security consultants and technicians will work with you design a custom security blueprint for your business. Our systems integrate smart technologies (smart thermostats, locks, access control) controllable through a mobile phone, smart phone and tablet.

Security Alarm (Burglar Alarm) 

  • Hard-wired or wireless systems
  • Touch Screen Keypad, Numeric / Alpha based
  • Door contacts, window contacts
  • Glass break detection
  • Motion detection
  • Panic buttons
  • Security Sensors
  • Backup battery power
  • Temperature and water sensors
  • 24/7 burglar alarm monitoring
  • Open closing reporting
  • Multi-site dashboard
  • Business Intelligence
  • Custom notifications

Alarm systems also provide additional benefits which can enhance the security of your business. For example, a properly setup alarm system can provide an owner or manager with activity information (e.g. opening and closing times, who enters or exits the building, restricted access, etc.).

Fire Alarm

Fire alarms are a must-have for any well-run business. Work with a professional and licensed provider like Alert Protective to make sure that your system is designed properly and installed following fire department and relevant codes.

Please know that a Fire Life Safety System is required for a building to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy!  Fire Alarm and all related safety requirements can be designed to meet Code by your Commercial Security Consultant.

  • Commercial burglar alarms
  • Heat detectors
  • Smoke detectors
  • Duct and sprinkler sensors
  • Emergency pull stations
  • Alarm annunciators
  • Alarm and horn strobes
  • Fire Alarm inspections
  • 24/7 fire alarm monitoring

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