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Chicago Remote Thermostat System

Chicago Remote Thermostat System

Alert Protective Services, Inc. is your one-stop source for multiple solutions. Since 1982, we have been the leading independent provider of home security products and services to Chicagoland and the surrounding region. And, unlike out-of-state home security providers, Alert Protective Services, Inc.s owners and employees live and work in the greater Chicago area, just like our customers do! So, when you need service any time, day or night, 24/7, you will have someone to speak with who knows and understands your neighborhood. When you call, you can expect to talk to a live person and not an answering machine! Alert Protective Services, Inc. is able to maximize your home’s energy efficiency with advanced climate controls that can sense conditions and automatically adjust thermostats, lower shades, open blinds and more. Besides that, customers are able to activate a “vacation mode” from any Internet-enabled laptop or cell phone. This means that you can operate your remote controlled thermostat while you are away – whether you are at the office across town; at your in-laws for the holidays or on the beach for your honeymoon!

Chicago Android Thermostat App

We can install structured wiring for all of the service provider services: telephone, DSL, Cable TV, Cable Modem and Data communications. Structured wiring works with your home’s existing systems and anticipates technological advances so that it can establish the groundwork for home technology and system integration in the future. Alert Protective Services, Inc. also works alongside customers’ home contractors and also can retrofit your existing home with the essential flexibility and maximum bandwidth of a high-speed communications network. We make sure that our customers will be prepared for anything and everything in the marketplace, in addition to whatever future technology brings. With Alert Protective Services, Inc.’ technology, you will never again have to worry about your water pipes freezing and bursting in the winter while you are wintering in a warmer climate. You will be able to use your smartphone to activate the remote controlled thermostat, and make sure that the temperatures never drop to a level where your pipes will freeze. With our ability to install climate and temperature controls that can be accessed from your smartphone, you will be able to monitor your home’s heating and cooling no matter where you are.

Chicago Wireless Thermostat Control

Alert Protective Services, Inc. believes that “life is too short to live with a jumble of remote controls on your coffee table,” and that is why we help bring order to our customers’ homes by helping them access their home security systems via remotes. Thermostat remote control is handy to have even when you are not on vacation. That’s because when you are at work, you can reduce the temperature in the winter to conserve on power bills, or, in the summer, you can dial-down the air conditioning to keep costs down. And, before you leave the office to return home, turn on the A/C in the summer, so your home will be at your specific comfort level by the time you get there! With Alert Protective Services, Inc. you can access the remote controlled thermostat from wherever you are. With your smartphone or tablet, you can tweak the thermostat remote control and adjust the temperatures in your home. For the first name in home security and auxiliary products and services for your home or business, call Alert Protective Services, Inc. today about the best thermostat remote controls in the industry!

Chicago Remote Thermostat System | Chicago Android Thermostat App | Chicago Wireless Thermostat Control

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