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Chicago Industrial Security Systems

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If you are running a large industrial business, one of the last things you are going to want to worry about is security. And, if you have already had Alert Protective Services construct a sophisticated, state-of-the-art industrial security system for you, you won’t have to worry. If you haven’t, then it is high-time you contacted Alert Protective Services about their alarm monitoring, surveillance system, commercial intercom and keypad access services. Founded in 1982, Alert Protective Services is regarded as the leading provider of industrial security systems in the Chicagoland region. Unlike our competition, Alert Protective Services’ owners and employees live and work within the region just like our customers do. Even if your industrial security system was installed by another security provider, Alert Protective Services is able to monitor systems that are of nearly any make or model. This is important to know since nearly all of the national alarm companies in the Chicago area are monitoring from out-of-state. Also, Alert Protective Services can be relied upon to provide our large corporate customers with a personalized industrial security system at an affordable price. Our alarm monitoring system is monitored 24/7, no exceptions! Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing industrial security system, or activating one for the first time, Alert Protective Services is the place to go.

Chicago Industrial Complex Security System

If you want to protect the exterior of your industrial complex, we can customize a video surveillance system to meet your industrial security system’s precise needs and requirements. At Alert Protective Services, we believe that the most important factor of any industrial security system is the company from which you buy it. You can count upon us to secure your company with a high quality industrial surveillance security system that will defy any intruder to penetrate it! As always, Alert Protective Services will be surveying your business after hours, on weekends or any other time when staff is gone.

Chicago Industrial Security System

If you have a vast industrial complex with multiple work areas, many offices, multiple levels and the need to have instant, convenient communication within the plant, you can depend on Alert Protective Services to set you up with our top-of-the-line commercial intercom systems. This will provide your staff full-access to every department and all employees, and it will help facilitate the kind of communication a successful industrial business should have as part of its industrial security system. Being able to communicate over an intercom system eliminates the need to move to another part of the plant or up and downstairs to conduct a brief conversation. It saves time and money for your industrial business.

Chicago Commercial Security System

Alert Protective Services also has the knowledge to incorporate into your industrial business remote control keypad access. An access control module helps bridge the gap between a virtual keyboard and the Internet. This provides the corporate CEO remote access control of the company’s industrial security system from anywhere in the world. The remote control keypad access is cutting-edge industrial security that is accessible 24/7 by your PC or Smartphone.

Whatever you feel your corporation needs for its industrial security system, Alert Protective Services is the place to go for the most affordable, state-of-the-art products and service.

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