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Northbrook Alarm Monitoring

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As a pioneer provider in the security system industry in the Chicago area, Alert Protective Services has been on the cutting edge of fine-tuning existing home alarm security systems to make our communities safer places in which to live and work. Alert Protective Services is a home alarm monitoring system leader, and our dedication and commitment to the communities we serve has never wavered. With our incredibly talented team of home alarm monitoring technicians, we are continually raising the bar on our services, efficiency and effectiveness. The home alarm security systems we sell are constructed in world-class production facilities. They are submitted to thorough testing that exceeds industry standards in both performance and quality. If you are in the market for a home alarm security system or a home alarm monitoring system, why not take the extra precaution of contacting Alert Protective Services for assistance? In addition, you be comforted in knowing that your home and family will have the necessary protection of a burglar alarm and home alarm monitoring system in an emergency. Furthermore, many insurance companies offer discounts up to 20% for homes that have security systems. In fact, Alert Protective Services’ home alarm system is one investment you can’t afford to ignore. Let Alert Protective Services help you find the right home alarm and alarm monitoring package to meet your needs. Hundreds of Northbrook homeowners have recently been investing in our alarm system packages to begin protecting their homes and families and are designed to fit most any budget. And, our Alert Protective Services’ packages are designed to fit most any budget.

Northbrook Alarm Monitoring

Located at the northern edge of Cook County, Northbrook, Illinois is about 25 miles north of Downtown Chicago. Northbrook is in the foreground as the business hub for professional and business services of Chicago’s North Shore. The community in Northbrook also possesses the kind of infrastructure and support services to help professional and business facilities expand and be prosperous. Numerous national retailers and local independent stores which offer the latest in merchandise and services, along with first-class customer service, are located in various Northbrook shopping areas. Northbrook has more than 33,000 residents, 12,000 households and close to 10,000 family households. It is recognized as the 65th largest community in Illinois. Northbrook’s median household income is right around $116,000 and the median household income for families is nearly $134,000. Northbrook’s real estate consistently ranks as some of the most expensive in the country. Naturally an affluent city like Northbrook wants its homes and families to be secure from home invasion. The crime rate in Northbrook is one of the lowest in the U.S. In fact, a resident’s chance of becoming a victim of crime in Northbrook is 1 in 72. This is why so many homeowners want to maintain this low crime rate. They want Alert Protective Services to continue to protect them with their home alarm monitoring systems!

Northbrook Alarm Monitoring

Alert Protective Services has been the recipient of numerous prestigious honors, including the Better Business Bureau’s “Complaint-Free Award” and Angie’s List’s “Super Service Award” for our unmatched customer service and technical know-how. We sell only the finest and most dependable burglar alarm systems and home alarm monitoring systems. Alert Protective Services is recognized as one of the leading and most trusted independent home alarm security system providers in the entire Chicagoland area. When you have Alert Protective Services monitoring your home alarm system you can put your worrying aside. Call us today to find out how we can protect your home and family at a price you can afford. We also offer the following products:

  • Ademco Alarm Monitoring
  • ADT Alarm Monitoring
  • Silent Knight Alarm Monitoring
  • Honeywell Alarm Monitoring
  • Napco Alarm Monitoring
  • Safewatch Alarm Monitoring
  • G.E. Alarm Monitoring
  • Firelite Alarm Monitoring
  • DSC Alarm Monitoring
  • FBII Alarm Monitoring
  • And much more. . .
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